Alaskan Thunder Fuck

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck, is a marijuana strain that originated in Matanuska Valley, Alaska. It is also known as Matanuska Valley Thunder Fuck, Matanuska Tundra, MTF and ATF. This Cannabis strain can help patients with pain relief, anxiety and insomnia.

  • GENETICS: Original Haze x Northern Lights x Skunk #1 x Highland Oaxacan Gold x ???
  • STRAIN TYPE: Indica Dominant
  • FLOWERING TIME: ATF marijuana usually takes 55 to 65 days till harvest. Outdoors – Mid September to late October
  • YIELD: Indoors – 300-350 g/m2 Outdoors – as much as 2-3 pounds has been reported
  • SMELL: Alaskan Thunder Fuck smells a little like rotting fruit. Kind of musky too. It has a very unique smell, that is for sure
  • EFFECTS: Mix, Heavy body and cerebral. At first you get a nice cerebral rush, then it mellows out into a chill couch lock
  • MEDICAL USES: Pain Relief, Insomnia, Appetite, Anxiety
  • TASTE: Thick Kushy smoke that stays on your tongue for a bit. If you love to taste your weed for a while after smoking, ATF is great