Banana Kush

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Banana Kush 5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings.
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Banana Kush is a one of a kind marijuana strain that literally has a faint smell of Banana Now N’ Laters candy. It provides an uplifting social high, with an earthly calm that covers you like a warm blanket., that makes this cannabis strain excellent for depression and stress.

  • GENETICS: OG Kush x Sagamartha’s 60/40 a.k.a. Banana
  • STRAIN TYPE: Sativa Dominant
  • FLOWERING TIME: Banana Kush's flowering time takes around 55 to 60 days on average
  • YIELD: This is a medium yielding marijuana strain
  • SMELL: It has that great kush smell, with Banana Now n’ Laters candy undertones
  • EFFECTS: Banana Kush has a very nice body and cerebral mix. You will feel very relaxed, but not sleepy, you can go to sleep if you want too though. Clear headed and thought provoking
  • MEDICAL USES: Anxiety, Migraines, Muscle Relaxation, Appetite, Insomnia
  • TASTE: Nice thick kush smoke on the inhale, with the banana Now n’ Laters candy taste on the exhale. This strain has quite a bit of expansion and will hit you behind the eyes like an ice cream headache