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Chemdawg cannabis is not only legendary itself, it is the parent of other legendary strains and crosses such as OG Kush, Headband and Sour Diesel. The unmistakeable pungent aroma of Chemdawg is what sets it apart from other strains, if you have this in your pocket, people can smell you coming. Chemdawg strain is a great choice for relieving anxiety and stress.

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Flowering Time
A good time to harvest Chem D is anywhere from 60 to 70 days indoors, the buds will really start smelling strong towards the end of flower, so make sure you have a carbon air filter or something similar

The buds aren’t anything huge, but the density and weight more than make up for it. These ladies stretch about one and a half times in flower, so veg them to about 2 to 3 feet for a nice yield

Fuel, Citrus, Earthy, Hash, Pungent

The high of Chemdawg is calming , with a good amount of heady effects. Chem is a great daytime smoke, because although it makes you relaxed, it will not make you too lethargic

Medicinal Uses
Anxiety, Appetite, Stress, Depression, Pain

THC – 19.97% CBD – 0.29% CBN – 0.16%

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