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G13 4 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.
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Was G13 marijuana strain created in a top secret government lab? We don’t know, but we do know G13 has spawned great crosses like G13 Haze and G13 Skunk. This Cannabis strain is excellent for pain relief and insomnia.

  • GENETICS: 100% Afghani Indica
  • STRAIN TYPE: Indica
  • FLOWERING TIME: Indoors 55 to 60 days – Outdoors: Middle of October to early November
  • YIELD: Medium to High. G13 has a very high calyx to leaf ratio and is very sturdy with little to no support needed. Easy to trim
  • SMELL: G13 cannabis has an earthy, skunky and organic smell to it with slight undertones of sweetness. The smell won’t “wow” you, but it smells like something that will definitely do the trick
  • EFFECTS: Due to G13 being a 100% Indica strain, it’s crosses have the couchlock, sedative qualities, with the added bonus of having a very euphoric, creativity provoking head high
  • MEDICAL USES: Insomnia, Pain Relief, Muscle Tension
  • TASTE: Smooth and full flavored on the inhale with a subtle sweetness. If cured properly it shouldn’t be too harsh on the exhale, but G 13 does have a tendency to have some harshness, not too bad though