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Swazi Gold cannabis is a Sativa landrace strain grown primarily by the Nguni people of Southern and Eastern Africa. Known for it’s resilience and the ability to grow in all weather conditions, Swazi Gold is perfect for outdoor growers that live in ever changing climates. Swazi Gold buds are typically dense in structure and have a strong sweet mango aroma that will have you opening the bag just to get another whiff. Due to it’s uplifting qualities, this marijuana strain is recommended for depression and fatigue.

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Strain Details


100% Landrace Sativa

Flowering Time
Up to 13 weeks

High at 650-780 grams per square meter. L.S.T or topping is recommended due to it’s stretchy growth.

Sweet, Earthy, Mango

While Swazi Gold isn’t a really strong strain, it’s effects will leave you happy and euphoric at first, with a mild sedation while you’re coming down. Great pick for beginners that like Sativa’s.

Medicinal Uses
Depression, Stress, Appetite, Nausea, Mild Pain Relief

THC – 14-18%

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