Banana Kush is a one of a kind Sativa dominant cross of OG Kush and Sagamartha’s 60/40 that literally has a faint smell of Banana Now N’ Laters candy. Banana Kush provides an uplifting social high, with an earthly calm that covers you like a warm blanket. Unlike most Kush strains, Banana Kush delivers a solid yield and you should expect a fairly big stretch in flower with long vertical side branching. We recommended Banana Kush Cannabis to alleviate stress and depression.

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Strain Details


OG Kush x Sagamartha’s 60/40 a.k.a. Banana

Flowering Time
Banana Kush’s flowering time takes around 55 to 60 days on average

This is a medium yielding marijuana strain

Banana Now N’ Laters, Musky, Earthy

Banana Kush has a very nice body and cerebral mix. You will feel very relaxed, but not sleepy, you can go to sleep if you want too though. Clear headed and thought provoking

Medicinal Uses
Anxiety, Migraines, Muscle Relaxation, Appetite, Insomnia

THC – 21.24% CBD – 0.46% CBN – 0.49%

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