Bubba Kush cannabis was created by breeding an OG Kush with a cross of West Coast Dog and an Old World Kush land race strain. Bubba Kush is known for it’s long lasting effects and rock hard nugs. Growers with height restrictions in their grow rooms will love this strains short stature and decent yield of high quality buds. We recommend Bubba Kush for muscle relaxation and pain relief.

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OG Kush x (West Coast Dog x Old World Kush)

Flowering Time
Usually ready to harvest around 55 to 65 days. Some growers prefer to let their ladies go longer to around 70 to 75 days. She has a low leaf to calyx ratio and has almost no stretch in flower

The yield of Bubba Kush won’t knock your socks off, as it is an average yielding strain, but the connoisseur quality of the finished buds is well worth the time and effort

Earthy, Hash, Coffee, Chocolate

Bubba Kush will leave you in a state of relaxation that you can feel throughout your whole body. The effects are long and strong and great for chilling out after work and watching a movie or playing some video games

Medicinal Uses
Muscle Relaxation, Pain Relief, Insomnia, Appetite Enhancer

THC – 20.67% CBD – 0.33% CBN – 0.06%

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