Grape Krush cannabis bred by DJ Short, is a member of the Blueberry family of strains. This hybrid of Indica and Haze combines to not only have a quicker flowering time, but the finished buds have both Indica and Sativa effects, which make for a well balanced high. Grape Krush plants finish flowering around 8 to 9 weeks and deliver sweet berry smelling buds that produce a Haze like euphoria with a soothing relaxation of Indica. Grape Krush is usually recommended for alleviating pain and anxiety.

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Indica x Haze

Flowering Time
Ready to chop in approximately 8-9 weeks indoors, or from late September to mid-late October outdoors

Medium in height and heavy in yield at 25 to 50 grams (1-2 oz.) per square foot at 50 watts per square foot, or up to 1 gram per watt under optimal conditions

Pungent, Earthy, Hash, Berries, Grape

The high of Grape Krush is very balanced, offering the euphoria one would expect from a haze, while also providing a relaxing body stone of an Indica

Medicinal Uses
Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Muscle Spasms, Insomnia


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