Herijuana cannabis is the result of crossing the dankest Kentucky strain named “Killer New Haven”, with an old school Humboldt strain from Petrolia named Head Stash. Herijuana is known for it’s hard hitting heavy Indica effects that will leave your body free of pain and completely relaxed, making Herijuana an excellent choice for medical marijuana patients.

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Strain Details


Killer New Haven x Petrolia Head Stash

Flowering Time
The flowering time of Herijuana is 7 to 9 weeks

This is an average yielding cannabis strain at up to 500 gram per square meter Indoors

Wood, Spicy, Earthy, Sweet

Herijuana strain is a hard hitting Indica that isn’t recommended for novice smokers due to it’s heavy narcotic like stone. Smoke this at night when you want to be stuck to the couch

Medicinal Uses
Pain Relief, Insomnia, Appetite, Migraines, Muscle Relaxation

THC – 25%

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