Jack the Ripper cannabis by Subcool over at TGA Genetics is an outcross between a Space Queen male and a P1 Jacks Cleaner.This cross is notable for its intense lemon smell, which while strong enough to discourage insects, does not really suggest pot, meaning that Jack the Ripper, like her fearsome namesake, might permanently evade the noses of the law.

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Jacks Cleaner P1 x Space Queen

Flowering Time
Jack the Ripper grows well outdoors in warm climates, or indoors in large bushes or SOG-style. When these plants are given moderate feeding and allowed to bush out, they finish in 8-9 weeks as a frost-covered miniature Christmas tree, just over 3 feet (1 m) tall. They may need an extra week or two of vegetative growth to compete with taller strains in a canopy

Yields 3-4 ounces (90-120 grams) of buds per plant on average

Lemon, Mango, Pine, Hash, Haze

Jack the Ripper cannabis hits you behind the eyes with a jolting sativa buzz. About five minutes after this first rush, a long elation settles on the smoker, sometimes followed by munchies and drowsiness after a few hours. The mental side of the high leans toward happiness, chattiness, and trippy visual distortions, with potential for paranoia when indulged in heavily

Medicinal Uses
Pain Relief, Muscle Tension, Stress, Depression, Appetite, Insomnia

THC – 17.0%

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