Platinum OG Kush is a clone only marijuana strain that is reported to be a cross of Master Kush and Afghani. Due to it’s high amount of trichomes, Platinum OG Kush almost takes on a silvery hue that is reminiscent of the highly valuable metal Platinum. Platinum OG Kush is an excellent nighttime strain which will leave you sedated and relaxed, but it also has a nice headiness to it. We suggest using Platinum OG Kush cannabis for insomnia and pain relief.

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Strain Details


Master Kush x Afghani

Flowering Time
Flowering time for Platinum OG Kush is around 60 days, give or take a few depending on preference

As with most Kush varieties, Platinum Kush is a medium yielding marijuana strain

Hash, Earthy, Nutty, Robust

Platinum OG Kush hits hard and will make you couch locked unless you have a high tolerance to Indicas. This strain is surprisingly heady and at lower amounts can be somewhat uplifting. The dominant effect is sedated relaxation, so smoke this at night

Medicinal Uses
Pain Relief, Insomnia, Muscle Relaxation, Increases Appetite, Anxiety

THC – 20.58% CBD – 0.44% CBN – 0.24%

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