Romulan isn’t just the name of some funky looking dudes on Star Trek, it is a marijuana strain that will make you feel like you have something growing on your forehead just like them! Although this strain is mainly Indica, there is no mistaking the Sativa influence that is rumored to be from crossing Columbian or Mexican genetics with the Romulan over time. We recommend this Romulan marijuana for most ailments.

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Strain Details


Unknown Mostly Indica

Flowering Time
Around 8 weeks indoors and mid to late October outdoors

The yield of Romulan is above average and the plants usually grow short and bushy

Hash, Wood, Earthy, Spicy

Romulan cannabis is a hard hitting cannabis strain and offers both head and body qualities. The cerebral effects mixed with the deep body stone make this strain great for watching a movie or listening to music

Medicinal Uses
Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Appetite Stimulant, Depression

THC – 23.66% CBD – 0.44% CBN – 0.64%

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