Strawberry Diesel cannabis is a creation of blending the legendary NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough resulting in a Sativa dominant strain that delivers above average yields of spear shaped, trichome laden buds. The aromas and flavors of Strawberry Diesel are predominantly a diesel fuel funk with slight undertones of sweet strawberries. Strawberry Diesel strain is primarily suggested for use to counter depression and fatigue.

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The Original Kyle Kushman’s Strawberry Cough Clone x New York City Sour Diesel

Flowering Time
Flowering time of Strawberry Diesel is usually around 65 to 75 days indoors

This is a medium to above average yielding strain

Diesel Fuel, Earthy, Hash, Strawberries

This is a pretty heady cannabis strain and it also gives a nice body relaxation. Smoke a little of it during the day to receive a lighter head effect, then smoke more at night to help you sleep. We also noticed an onset of munchies. This is a very good all around marijuana strain

Medicinal Uses
Depression, Stress, Muscle Relaxation, Mild Pain Relief, Appetite, Insomnia

THC – 22.28% CBD – 0.22% CBN – 0.13%

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